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  1. What a strange question. Or, perhaps, a strange way to formulate a question... I doubt DA2 even crossed Obsidian's mind when they were making their plans for PE, but what I think you're really asking is whether we think they purposefully picked a type of RPG that isn't really being made anymore to "pull in" gamers who aren't satsfied with today's modern CRPG offerings (like DA2)? And yes, I think it's very likely that they realized this while planning PE, but I also think they -- and many other developers, including those working for BioWare -- genuinly love the Infinity Engine style of 2D,
  2. Realistic and unrealistic.. come on people.. this is going to be a pure fantasy game.. Stop basing so much on realisting.. and I am not even sure how accuarate some of this information.. Pure fantasy is very open to anything that isn't common sence. Uncommon sence.. something that isn't based on facts or "normal" logic if there is a such thing... that is why I am interested in fantasy in a first place. TT
  3. I take it that you for one welcome our Amazonian overlords Take my lady for one.. lol
  4. Of course this could all work the other way. We could also see matriarchal societies, where men are the ones facing discrimination. isn't that more of a sci-fi trope? no, dark-elf society is matriarchal in D&D IIRC. If anyone never watched a cartoon "Jyo-Oh-Sei: Planet of Beast King" you need too. Man and women are very different and its only normal. I respect everyone equally when I first meet them and for me .. I can't help but to understand how wonderful women are.. becouse they are so trully special to carry our children and no man can love a child like a women and
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