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  1. I wonder if they have thought about being able to have multiple animal companions at once... How cool would it be if your whole team could be animals. If not think of the life animal as not taking a slot and being able to summon other animals. For example: I have a hawk that strikes from distence since I am an Archer and don't want to get close and don't want my animal companion to get close or at least not get damaged a lot. I then summon a falcon so now I have my companion and a summoned companion from the air... AIRSTRIKE!!! Anyway, just a thought. Would be cool
  2. I absolutely love these ideas! I am really interested in learning about these guests. That will be a cool new aspect. I think you should dig a little deeper into this, like a tavern will increase the traffic of guest coming to your stronghold. You can then upgrade the tavern to have ladies, better beds, better food, to the point where no one would want to leave. Unless, you wanted them too then you could put them in the room that no one wants to stay in. ) Add suites and good looking waitresses. I don't know just a thought. You might also add other things around the stronghold for them to do l
  3. PLEASE READ!!! THANK YOU!!! ) I have been keeping an eye on this game for a while now. I believe I have read all the updates. I don't really post that much, because when things are in this stage critiquing is really not as important as it is right about now. ) Great Job so far! I love the lay out I love the art and what the world is shaping up to be. Here is what I would like to add just my two cents: 1. The last update had a picture where it showed you a choice of what you wanted to do with the egg you found at the top of a cliff. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!! What do I mean? CHOICE!!! So many
  4. Cool update guys! I love the medicine ball lol! It got my creative mind spinning... Why not make a weapon that looks like a medicine ball and then when you get a critical hit spikes fly out of it for an AOE... Just thinking out loud... )
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