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  1. I wonder if they have thought about being able to have multiple animal companions at once... How cool would it be if your whole team could be animals. If not think of the life animal as not taking a slot and being able to summon other animals. For example: I have a hawk that strikes from distence since I am an Archer and don't want to get close and don't want my animal companion to get close or at least not get damaged a lot. I then summon a falcon so now I have my companion and a summoned companion from the air... AIRSTRIKE!!! Anyway, just a thought. Would be cool
  2. I absolutely love these ideas! I am really interested in learning about these guests. That will be a cool new aspect. I think you should dig a little deeper into this, like a tavern will increase the traffic of guest coming to your stronghold. You can then upgrade the tavern to have ladies, better beds, better food, to the point where no one would want to leave. Unless, you wanted them too then you could put them in the room that no one wants to stay in. ) Add suites and good looking waitresses. I don't know just a thought. You might also add other things around the stronghold for them to do like the gardens, exotic animals, trophy room, treasury. All these things will increase guest traffic and increase the amount of people that come to your Stronghold. What ya think?
  3. PLEASE READ!!! THANK YOU!!! ) I have been keeping an eye on this game for a while now. I believe I have read all the updates. I don't really post that much, because when things are in this stage critiquing is really not as important as it is right about now. ) Great Job so far! I love the lay out I love the art and what the world is shaping up to be. Here is what I would like to add just my two cents: 1. The last update had a picture where it showed you a choice of what you wanted to do with the egg you found at the top of a cliff. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!! What do I mean? CHOICE!!! So many choices in video games today are limited and scripted to make you chose what they ultimately want you to choose. Make A LOT of these choices and screens pop up and you will have a shout out from this gamer. 2. Make sure and don't forget that a pretty game without substence is a below par game. I can list many different games that were beautiful, but the story and content didn't intrigue me and because of that I gave it a 4/10. People underestimate how important story is... Especially in a new world. So, don't forget to make the story deep, intriguing and above all else our own. tidbit: Don't forget the romance. I am a male gamer and I think most gamers even if they won't admit it love to have a romance story in there or multiple. Be careful though, make the romance complex extraordinary... Like you can be with the beautiful girl but you won't be able to touch her because of an allergy she has to human's touch or if you go for the ugly witch she then transforms into the most beautiful creature because she wanted someone to love her for her not for her beauty. 3. Animations: Loved the old Baldur's Gate Animations, but remember everyone has seen all those before. We are also in a much more complex gaming society. People who loved Baldur's Gate and Ice Windale etc. Loved it at that time when there weren't the beautiful graphics of Dragon age and Skyrim. However, the sense of familiarity will help with this game, but make sure and add complexities to it that they couldn't add to BG and IWD. Such as... If you are a killed with a spell you die differently than if you are killed with an axe. Make wounds more visible if you life is down. Make quest that matter so for example you attack a dragon and you defeat him, but in the process you have a big scar across your eye from that battle. (Now, a mage can remove that scar for a hefty price, but for gamers that love immersion this would be awesome!) When fighting a dragon if He blows his wings make your clothes blow in that hefty wind and instead of just being blown back and flying like a lifeless doll... Make it look like your character can resist only to eventually be blown back. 4. Make the side quest valuable: In most games the side quests are exactly what their title would suggest. Something you do on the side just for kicks or extra content. Make Side quests matter! Make some like your regular side quest which just gives you gold or whatever, but make others a real quest and a real reward at the end of the quest. For example: you talk to a knight on the side of the road you help him back to health and all the sudden he turns into this intriguing godlike creature that sends you to a different demention and says I will make you pay for showing kindness! ) You then have to go through a series of choices you have to make in this demention and if you break then he lets you out and gives you a reward. However, if you remain honorable you have to go through many a choices and get burned everytime. Finally in the end He asks you Why? All these people hurt you but you still help them... Why do you do this? Then, you can make a series of answers the honorable one being. Because I live the way I Believe is right and that doesn't change no matter what people or creatures do. He then says in all my days I have always been able to break the human heart but yours is different chose an artifact of your choice. He then says we will meet again. (Later he helps you in a big boss battle and gives you an even better artifact.) 5. Lastly, Make the main quest Huge! Something that really made this important was when I played a game that didn't do this. Dragon Age II. I honestly loved the gameplay enjoyed most of the side quests, but at the end of the day the quest just didn't compare to the previous title. I came away thinking wooo whooo I saved a town? Big whoop! I want to save the world or at least squander a threat that would have destroyed the world. I don't want may whole purpose to be save a town! Now, in the beginning sure, but my hero is better and mean't for greater purposes. There you go Obsidian my two cents; do with this info what you will... ) Thank you for reading and taking time to just brainstorm with me. Appreciate you all!
  4. Cool update guys! I love the medicine ball lol! It got my creative mind spinning... Why not make a weapon that looks like a medicine ball and then when you get a critical hit spikes fly out of it for an AOE... Just thinking out loud... )
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