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  1. I'm really afraid about this. I like the crafting in the game but I'm scared that it shall ruin the spirit of IE games if it will be like crafting in every modern game. I mean dozens of recipes like this: bring metal + troll teath + some wood = long sword with damage 1% better than other swords. It's too arcade and it suits much better in some hack and slash. I prefer much more some modification of NWN 2 style. You can make every weapon from different quality of materials than you can add some enchantment. But I would prefer very limited power of enchantment you can add. The best weapons should still be the one with names you found. Epic weapons which earnes these names with their past and carrying some story about this name. If there have to be some Epic weapon crafting i prefer the BG2 style. You could find some parts of lost epic weapon and with apropriate skill you can reforge the mighty legendary weapon lost in the past.
  2. I've always appreciated that there was so deadly traps in BG 2. Disarm trap was really important there because of traps that could instantly kill you or turn into stone etc. I hope there will be so deadly traps too in EP. For example in NWN i always rather activate the trap with some protective buff on me instead of having some thief in party. Furthermore I'm still waiting for a game where the composition of traps will be logic. I mean there should be a lot of deadly hard-revealed traps in some estate of rich citizen but in some orcish cave should be only some basic ones independant on youre char lvl.
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