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  1. Maybe it can even be per action? For instance, if you hold ctrl while clicking on the target, it'll auto-pause once the action is finished. Maybe a mix of both, or heck, even a full auto-pause setting PER character instead of globally (ala character scripts we had in BG series) that you can change on the fly. For example, when fighting random mobs, you don't really need the precise auto-pause but when you're fighting dangerous caster mobs, you might want very finely detailed auto-pause and whatnot. Overall, still makes the game twitchier than usual, bit like a DOTA game really (all animation based I think as well). Yeah, the more the better. There can be a set of global options, plus a small per-character switch next to a character portrait, and an action modifier key. They clearly wanted to bring turn-based complexity into an RT game, and there's obviously no chance it can be converted to TB at this stage, so smart auto-pause might be the only solution. It might even become a standard for tactical games that don't want full TB mode. Agree with the others about Divinity:OS btw; TB combat works really well there.
  2. Maybe it can even be per action? For instance, if you hold ctrl while clicking on the target, it'll auto-pause once the action is finished.
  3. Or symptomatic of a player who finds quasi-turn based combat much easier to manage than anything in real time/a player who just plain has trouble keeping track of what's going on with six characters without it? For my part, it's especially important because I have ADHD; real-time combat with a single character can be hard to keep up with sometimes. Start adding more and it's hopeless; I have to have most of the characters auto-attacking while I try to manually manage one or maybe two. Comprehensive autopause settings give me the ability to play games like this, especially if I want to use any actual tactics or more than one or two abilities on my people. eta: Yeah, I'm sure it'd make combat quite slow and choppy. That's fine; people who don't like it don't have to use it! An obvious solution would be to make this 'turn end' pause per-character, then? Of course, it'd need an elegant UI solution for that, but surely that should be doable. Personally, I feel that pause is a crucial part of the gameplay, so it deserves more special treatment than things like anisotropic texture filtering or showing tips on load.
  4. Meh. Forgotten Realms already borrowed far too many ideas (down to actual names like 'Bhaal') from Biblical mythology. I always found that pretty lame and unimaginative. A fantasy universe's mythology should be able to stand on its own - keep real-world religion out if it. Those were used just as examples of "bottom-up" and "top-down" monotheism. The former is initiated by the society (or its leader, who's still a human though), and the latter by the deity himself, who just doesn't want to share his people with anyone else.
  5. I must say I feel very uncomfortable when gods are being pigeon-holed into being patrons of some very specific concepts. One could say, for instance, that Shiva is a god of destruction, or Hermes is a god of wit, but that would be so incredibly narrow and limiting. Instead, all gods together comprise a nation's/culture's holistic model of the world, so ideally that's how they should be designed. This also means that overly wacky/incomprehensible gods would look wrong in any pantheon, since they can't realistically be a part of any culture, pretty much by definition. I suppose they can still be "supernatural creatures", though, known only to select few (who tend to indulge themselves on certain controlled substances perhaps). I, too, would be interested too see a monotheistic religion as an alternative. It can worship either something almost completely depersonified (e.g. Akhenaten's Aten), or extremely possessive and vengeful (Yahweh). Hints of Gnosticism would be very welcome as well, with a "good" transcendent God who doesn't seem to care about the world much, and an ambitious and passionate, but sadly deeply misguided creator of the material world (demiurge), who is convinced that he alone is the supreme God. There's also a great opportunity to explore what it means to be a god. Are gods more or less just humans with superpowers, or something entirely different? Do they actually have free will or even self-awareness the same way people do?
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