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  1. 1. Unless I missed it there is no option for party member AI, such as auto spellcasting and healing. It's nice to not have to micromanage everything all the time. 2. The descriptions of the attributes during character creation seem a bit vague to me. Does Dexterity add to the accuracy of magic cast by wizards, as is implied by the "all attacks" line? I don't know. And if so, why? It is magic, which should be guided by intelligence and concentration. Does Perception's interuption chance count for spells? I can't tell. 3. Where is the spell book page? Starting as a wizard I had access to the level one spells I started with, but when I leveled up and learned level two and three spells, they did not become available. Even upon resting. 4. The health/stamina/damage threshold battle system is, as noted in the latest update, unintuitive. A simple optional tutorial intro would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I was recently considering how writing about a god and his champion(s) would be challenging to keep interesting due to gods being so, well, godly powerful. And what I came up with was this: A God of Boredom. Not to be confused with a God who IS boring, but rather a god created by the worship of boring unimaginative people who desired a God who wasn't always getting up to trouble and shananagins and generally causing a ruckus. A God created by the wishes of millions for an end to interesting times during periods of intense war. The end result being a god who is constantly bored and hating every moment of it. Such a God would of course dislike his followers rather strongly for making him so bored all the time. In an effort to keep the boredom at bay, and out of general spite, the God of Boredom would constantly be searching for champions amongst his believers whom he could throw into trying situations, offering only the most capricious and seemingly benign abilities to them as support. The end results being facinatingly random and often hilarious. Such a God would offer ample opertunities for engrossing encounters within the world of Eternity. The player's party could run into several champions, or the same champion several times, and choose whether to help or hinder them on some of the strangest quests imaginable. Perhaps even have the option to accept one as a permanent companion character.
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