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  1. Thanks. It'a a pretty bad one this bug. I really don't wanna start a new game and risk facing the same problem one more time
  2. I have the same problem. Can't progress because the chest that is supposed to contain the Ancient weapons cache is empty, save for the Glanfathan Spear.
  3. Camping supplies works fine for me. 4 rations keeps you going for a quite a while, so travelling back hasn't been a problem for me yet (I play on normal). I get to sell my stuff, i get buffs from sleeping in better rooms etc.. What they should have done is add encounters at the taverns. Meaning when you go back to your favorite tavern to rest, you occasionally would meet new people, get challenged by other adventurers, take on bounties and whatevers...would make the trip back more worth it i guess. But as i said, i haven't really an issue with the system as it is
  4. Option #1. No problem at all. Sod the disc, i just want my map and stuff.
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