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    I am fluent in Swedish and English, speak German well and know a moderate amount of Japanese)

    (Including religious and cultural studies)

    Simply put: The study of humans, power and wisdom.
  1. As many before me have stated: the most important realism lies not in action, but in reaktion. For characters to respond in accordance with their allience, alignment, background and current situation to every given action is enough to give the game a sense of realism. Also, to respond to certain previous comments, I do not think it relevant to be focused on realism relation to our world in ways such as "A human could never lift a sword five times his own size", but would direct attention more towards consistency; if X, then Y, and not Z. Consistency, complemented with reasonable explanat
  2. Generally as much as possible. ^^ I don't really see a function with independent sex, but for romance and friendship I think dialogues and quest-lines would be splendid. Prefferably with some effect on the actual game.* *See for example D.A.O. where good relations with your companions will make them help you more, as well as trust you further, giving you access to side-quests sprung from, but not related to the relationship.
  3. As a general thing, connecting the characteristics and/or properties of something, such as an armor, to something else, such as a culture, a school of magic or a creature, does have the benefit of further defining the thing which is referred to, which can give both starting points from which to add lore, or ways to give the player a sense of the relevant lore without actually letting it take up "too much" space in the game, and so is in my opinion often the best way to go, based on constructive function and efficiency. Meaning that if a high-class chainmail is made out of "Valyrian Steel",
  4. I speak for no automatic points in leveling at all, but rather a limited selection in what you can spend points on, decided by what you actually use in gameplay. What would define the characters would be that they can set more points on something if they have practiced it, which makes sense realistically. I personally think it would be a good idea to have classes that are not given, but earned. Which also makes sense realistically. The possible exception to this would be if you chose to choose a background which placed you, at least partially in a class, at least in the eyes of others,
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