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  1. The issue is now reported with save game, screenshots etc. Thanks for the help Boeroer
  2. Description: 1) Heart of Fury of enemy barbarian counts pet as a valid target and gains extra attacks on surrounding party members because of it. 2) Heart of Fury of enemy barbarian sometimes gets additional attacks in addition to 1) in rare cases (worst observed case 162 attacks). 3) Heart of Fury is not limited to one per rest for enemy barbarians (but maybe this is by design?). Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1) Make sure game option "Continue Movement on Engagement" is checked. 2) Load saved game "Bounty of Captain Muarumi". 3) Select Kormac, Edér and Itumaak and run straight at the Rauatai Raider and keep running around them to get them to attack with Heart of Fury. 4) Observe as the Rauatai Raiders sometimes gets excessive number of hits from their Heart of Fury attacks. 5) Remove the wurm pet and repeat steps 3-4 and observe the reduced number of hits from Heart of Fury. Save game, screenshots, output log and system spec: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxfdh7jhu1kputv/pot_heart_of_fury_issue.zip?dl=0 Best regards, Martin
  3. Awesome testing! I understand what you mean by the centre of the carnage and I would think it would be the barbarian doing the hitting but I guess you can't be certain until you test it. Anyway it seems like our initial understanding of the skill was correct as far as the number of hits go. In my case the only targets being involved in the carnage was the 4 listed above, The rest of the party was a safe distance away slinging spells and arrows. So I guess we should report this so it might get fixed, do you know of any bug reporting tool or is it the forum in the technical support section?
  4. Haha, that's awesome! I'm gonna have to do that after my good-guy paladin play through
  5. Aha, I did not account for that, thanks! Still it doesn't quite add up to 162 though. Can we agree that Heart of Fury counting the Wurm Companion pet as a target is a bug though? It would seem silly to have to remove non-combat pets before combat
  6. Hello! On the bounty hunting quest in Anslög's Compass a Rautai Raider just knocked Edér out in a single Heart of Fury attack doing over 200 damage to him alone. Extract from combat log: Rauatai Raider (Heart of Fury): 37 miss, 49 Graze, 58 Hit, 18 Crit ... lots of attacks ... The attacks were divided among Kormac (paladin main tank), Edér, Itumaak and ... Wurm Companion!? Now I have never played a barbarian nor had one in my party so I might not understand how Heart of Fury works, but if I'm interpreting the descriptions of Heart of Fury and Carnage correctly I expected the maximum number of attacks to be: Heart of Fury: 2 x enemy targets (mainhand + offhand) Carnage procs: (Heart of Fury attacks) x (enemy targets - 1) Total attacks for 3 enemies: (2 * 3) + (2 * 3) * (3 - 1) = 18 (or 32 if you count the Wurm Companion pet as an enemy target...). Please enlighten me if I'm way off (like where does the missing 144 attacks come from?) Oh and Edér was using a great sword at the time and had 82 deflection and 19 slash DR (not terrible but not great either). See screenshot for a part of the combat log, I couldn't be bother taking screenshots of it all, it's seriously long ) So, bug or working as intended?
  7. The stats are from a newly started game after 1.03 was released and they include background and racial bonuses (but not items). I don't know about Pallegina since I haven't gotten her yet )
  8. I haven't gotten that far yet but I'll give you the stats of the companions so far so you can judge for yourself. Mig Con Dex Per Int Res Edér 16 16 11 12 10 13 Aloth 12 10 15 12 16 13 Durance 14 13 9 9 15 19 Kana 16 12 9 14 17 10 Sagani 15 12 15 13 13 10 Personally I don't think they are that bad but then again I'm not really the min-maxer type ;-) (Edit: Forgot to remove Kana's Turban)
  9. When you get access to your stronghold you can purchase the Craft Hall upgrade and buy it from there for 4500 gold.
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