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Multiple issues with Heart of Fury of enemy barbarians




1) Heart of Fury of enemy barbarian counts pet as a valid target and gains extra attacks on surrounding party members because of it.

2) Heart of Fury of enemy barbarian sometimes gets additional attacks in addition to 1) in rare cases (worst observed case 162 attacks).

3) Heart of Fury is not limited to one per rest for enemy barbarians (but maybe this is by design?).


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

1) Make sure game option "Continue Movement on Engagement" is checked.

2) Load saved game "Bounty of Captain Muarumi".

3) Select Kormac, Edér and Itumaak and run straight at the Rauatai Raider and keep running around them to get them to attack with Heart of Fury.

4) Observe as the Rauatai Raiders sometimes gets excessive number of hits from their Heart of Fury attacks.

5) Remove the wurm pet and repeat steps 3-4 and observe the reduced number of hits from Heart of Fury.


Save game, screenshots, output log and system spec:



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