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  1. I'm always savescumming like mad, it's just how I play. It almost feels like some kind of OCD-light sometimes, I have to save and then reload if I get a less than optimal outcome. Makes playing UFO (and especially Terror from the Deep) a chore sometimes, let me tell you.
  2. I'll just begin with saying that while I in general dislike games that are exclusive to one format (since it goes both ways), I don't think Eternity is a game that has much to gain from a console version. That being said; You do know that this game is coming out on Mac, right? Mac has been the very definition of "locked-down hardware" since long before "console gaming" was a thing. Besides, who are all these "console gamers" or "PC gamers" that exlusively play on one system and wouldn't touch another format? That goes beyond silly. Consoles are here to stay and since things don't happen in a bubble the influence of consoles will be considerable even on games not released on them. I'm just happy that the PS4 will help drive down prices on GDDR5.
  3. That seems to be a lot more design than a regular project. I like it already. (As if I didn't like this project before.)
  4. "Who makes it" really is a question that should be subordinated to "will they drop that abomination that is Gamebryo down an abandoned mine and then nuke it from orbit before filling the mine with concrete". I liked FO3 and FONV despite of the use of Gamebryo.
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