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  1. Will there be racial armours or will they all magically be able to use the same suit of armour?
  2. I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not somehow contribute to giving a project like this a chance to be completed. I like the attention the late 90s RPGs are getting. First BG:EE, now this.
  3. The Fields of the Dead Patch v1.01 has been released and contains the following fixes: Strength of One interruption Chant exploit Arrow of Detonation teleportation NPC special abilities Really removes Chaotic Commands Portrait Icon descriptions Armor and Grease description Crash in AR3327 Small Shield +1, Medium Shield +1 and Large Shield +1 descriptions Get it here: http://www.pocketplane.net/fotd -Echon
  4. Too many things to list here. Check the ReadMe, you do not have to downlaod the mod to read it: http://www.pocketplane.net/fotd -Echon
  5. An error has been found and corrected. Please re-download and re-install the mod. Sorry for any inconvenience. Avenger: Thanks. -Echon
  6. The Fields of the Dead, a mod for Baldur's Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast, has finally been released. The primary aim of this mod is to correct as many aspects of the game as possible according to AD&D 2E rules. This affects the NPCs, creatures, items, spells and rules of the game. Engine limitations prevent some of these rules from being implemented, however. The AI of the entire game has been given a massive overhaul in order to increase the difficulty and the AI no longer cheats. Specifically, enemy NPCs use unique scripts instead a few shared scripts. As the XP cap has been ra
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