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  1. Well then what makes something "optimal" if you're not punished for not using it? Either there's an optimal choice and you are implicitly punished for not using it, or there's no optimal. That's kind of my point. Ideally, there's no optimal and all the choices have merit. In practice, that's almost impossible to achieve (and I'm speaking from experience as a game designer, albeit a rather hedge one), and so you should probably pick the optimal choice for your build. And my point is that when you want to wear, say, hide, because that look suits your character, but plate is more optimal for
  2. Star Wars Saga Edition has a great implementation of talent trees, essentially expanding the five base classes into tons of more narrow ones. I'd love to see something like that in PE.
  3. Respec is important. It's unlikely you'll understand the whole system behind the game on your first try (much less when creating your first character), yet first impression is the most important one. If an average player ends up screwing his build too much for it to be useful on his first go and only realises that some time in the game, he's just as likely, if not more, to just stop playing instead of trying again. It is not adding consequences to choice, it is punishing for not having system mastery. For actual consequences to choice, quests exist. That said, some things are core enough f
  4. I'd prefer if all the general armour types (cloth, leather, hide, chain, scale, plate, for example; you can guess where I got that from ) were available from the beginning, and upgrades to them were "fluffy" - material or craftsmanship as suggested in the OP. Getting an upgrade from basic leather to something like dire rabbit leather would be more immersive than to leather +1 or hide. That said, there should also be an option to have cosmetic armour, like what some MMOs have - wearing plate mechanically, but putting cloth in the "vanity" slot so that you can look nice while still getting the
  5. Don't care, the game should tell me. I love mathematically complex games, they're fun to figure out and play with. However, I'm most likely in the minority, and the complexity is largely vestigal to actual gameplay - if you can make a simple game mechanic be as fun and balanced as a complex one, you'll ensure that more players are satisfied than with a complex mechanic. Simple mechanics are also easier to design and balance, leaving the devs with more time for other important stuff (and time is what Obsidian often needs, judging by some of its games). Thus, I'm happy either way, as long as
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