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  1. Hi there. My thoughts: 1. first of all - more of everything BUT ONLY if it wont colide with schedule and game balance eg wilderness are ok but the game is not hack`n`slash style so rather not as a simple place to grind exp on monsters... unless its Mega Dungeon or those will have a background story/will start quest/will be a part of some plot etc 2. i know that people are dying, but having a chance to make a real gem amongst games should be worth more then schedule: i dont mind if release date ll be pushed to spring/summer 2015 /wasteland 2 anyone?/ but i would like to recive finished & polished product /case of the witcher part one and enchanced edition/. even if it ll cost me not having a chance to see it. i still have a daughter who should play it for me there is a company in the same industry informing clients that they ll play their new game "when its done"; i know that kickstarter has its own rules but do not be harsh about terms or we will have to wait for enchanced edition. its really huge project and if something is more complicated you have a fair chance to screw it at some point. i would be glad to pass this step even with further release date 3. class quests would be a nice addition; would like to see them in game in similiar fashion as they were in world of warcraft at level 50 - nice story with some mobs to kill and places to visit - but let them be much longer so we will have a chance to replay the game only to find out what has happened to FunGrinder and his monk ; Ideal situation is when you can unlock specific things only playing specific class but i know it ll be extremly complicated to implement; note that i m not saying they should make different game for every class - just 3-5 extras for each should do 4. Mega Dungeon was mentioned in another http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64798-some-new-stretch-goals-thoughts-mega-dungeon/ - i ll not allow anyone to take any challenge/strategy part away from me. But i can think of it as a base for 1-2 class quests eg only 1 monster on lev 2 is able to drop a polished stone which is a key to solve a puzzle, hold by druids in xxxx and that starts a mission allowing you after some trials to join their sacred circle; in the end you can be a part of some ceremonies and such, unavailable for any other character; of course you have to try to figure it out by yourself and you can also fail in your trials so druids can turn their backs... and if so i would like those trials to be more about judging, finding some solutions then "kill 8 centaurs and come back for reward" style... again: unless it will be an option: convince centaurs to stop or kill them and hide their bodies so all others ll think they left area... and again: i want to have a chance that 1 party member might got drunk in tavern /during rest/ and when you woke up there will be bunch of guards and a druid to ask you about your recent actions... heh dreamed here a litle as a conclusion: game is not done yet and i doubt they had run out of ideas how to fill it with good stuff, but they might think about expansion pack and to be honest i would be glad to see huge things /companions, large class chains/ in expansion, some smaller content - new/more detailed areas to explore, some wilderness as "less" occupying for the team and less important for the story even now unless it wont -> ad 1. the more = the merrier and here - for all forum readers and Obsidian employees - have a great time with families and friends during Xmas and all the best for upcoming New Year! Regards
  2. hi folks pros - i m not alone in this mess cons - as many of You i ve decided to confirm my pledge and ended up with my hand in potty... i thought about adding expansion pack in boxed version in a right time /when it ll be anounced/ but it seems that it wont be available thru pledging anymore. its reasonable action as crowdfunding has ended while ago, but why the hell i was able to change so many options just few mins before i accepted all terms? why it wasnt any warning sign like "think twice: beyond this point you wont be able to change it" ? and it has a matter as my amount was split into boxed game and shipping costs so supposedly i was able to change whole tier or make some adjustments to reach expansion pack right now... still i ll be happy to buy it when it ll hit stores/ gog pre-sales it cos i m quite sure it wont dissapoint me. but just in case, to avoid such misunderstandings in future, remind all folks out there: crouwdfunding campaign is over and as we are not able to backtrack all your pledges and changes/additions to those, we have to ask you politely to be honest and mark your actual pledge with its real value; you can change your mind about allocating your pledge now but we need to sort it out, so when you ll make your decision its done. be smart and think first... or come here and moan as those above remember chaps - its not an auction, not a kickstarter campaign anymore - now if we want to buy some additional goods, market starts to play its role. just be patient and i think that those add ons /t-shirts, soundtrack and stuff/ should be back in some near future, same as inexile brought them back in westland 2 - they just need some time to sort past bids before they start to gather new ones... maybe some of those wont be available anymore to make them exclusives for kickstarter but well, we have done our pledges already arent we? ^^ ps ofc You dont have to share my point of view have a nice eve!
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