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  1. Hi there. My thoughts: 1. first of all - more of everything BUT ONLY if it wont colide with schedule and game balance eg wilderness are ok but the game is not hack`n`slash style so rather not as a simple place to grind exp on monsters... unless its Mega Dungeon or those will have a background story/will start quest/will be a part of some plot etc 2. i know that people are dying, but having a chance to make a real gem amongst games should be worth more then schedule: i dont mind if release date ll be pushed to spring/summer 2015 /wasteland 2 anyone?/ but i would like to recive finished
  2. hi folks pros - i m not alone in this mess cons - as many of You i ve decided to confirm my pledge and ended up with my hand in potty... i thought about adding expansion pack in boxed version in a right time /when it ll be anounced/ but it seems that it wont be available thru pledging anymore. its reasonable action as crowdfunding has ended while ago, but why the hell i was able to change so many options just few mins before i accepted all terms? why it wasnt any warning sign like "think twice: beyond this point you wont be able to change it" ? and it has a matter as my amount was
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