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  1. I have actually spent a lot of time pondering armor and how it would best be mechanized in a game, because no D&D system ever satisfied me for the very reasons you stated, and I'm IMMENSELY relieved you're giving this a lot of thought, and not goofy thought, like which sounds gnarliest. 1st. On names of armor tiers, how to name upgrades of armor Don't be 4th edition. Heavens Murgatroyd do not name any base armor type anything but something generic. Lord save us from Feyhide, Elderhide, and Godplate. Those don't mean anything! I know you weren't suggesting it but please not "Dragon Scale" slipping into a tier. I just wanted to say it so someone would. Again, I have no mind that you would do such a thing, but it's worth the plea. These sorts of things should be unique items, not things your local smith is cooking up in the back room. As far as upgraded names of things, on that note, I would honestly mix and match descrptive things like "fine", +1, and named, because in a world so vast they probably really DO have different names, and it's pretty retro to be wild like that and therefore awesome . Some may even be redundant and just look differnet; who cares? It adds character. Again though, named things SHOULD NOT become whole classes of armor, just subclasses or unique items. 2nd. On the use of tiers About tiers, and about your barbarian in hide. The problem is, if you want a barbarian in hide to be a viable option throughout you would have to get rid of tiers -- and in fact, if you don't want things to surpass things AT ALL you're not going to want tiers. Tiers in their very nature stratify armor in such a way that the top tier is the best. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as realistically that's why we don't have barbarians in rags anymore. Still, it's romantic. So what is my suggestion? Cut tiers, and make certain builds of certain classes compatible with certain things. For instance, a druid barbarian may be inclined to said hide, as it behooves his magic somehow in its close assication to nature. At the same time, this same build might choose something with more armor just for the armor's sake. Armor bonus is a good thing unto itself. You then might have a more warrior barbarian with heavy armor who is SIGNIFICANTLY hurt in his reflex saves, swimming, etc., and even SPEED (it would frustrate people but it would be realistic and incentive to wear lighter armor or increase a speed stat), but who obviously is well protected and can take more damage. In this way I agree with what you said, and I think it makes sense as long as its balanced: players can wear whatever armor they want, and each armor has concrete benefits and drawbacks. Just makes sure not to have the overpowered mage-warrior or something! The last thing I want is people beating the system by finding wonkily mismatched builds but kicking tail; also make sure we don't get what I call "Neverwinter Nights Dual-Wielding Ranger Syndrome," where your dual-wielding ranger can't beat the zombies in the prison and has to play something more powerful. Anything being any significantly better or worse defeats the whole purpose of cutting tiers. You'd have tiers anyway, just not visible ones. Plus it would incentivize people to keep MULTIPLE sets of armor, like real warriors, and have to change them out depending on the situation. It doesn't mean you HAVE to switch out, and it likely won't ruin your game if you don't, but changing armor may be just like casting the right spell: the right thing to do to overcome your enemy or properly traverse that piece of tricky terrain.
  2. Hope you guys tell us how it all works out, this pre-pro stuff, especially the story. I always like to hear the "Han Solo was Green Fish Alien" story, so let's hear 'bout them NPC Wearsharks!
  3. It's particularly nice, if good, because Wikis tend be the best resources for games, UESP springing obviously to mind.
  4. So, about being like the old games... and what is next... I hope you guys all play these games before you start emulating them, in some cases refresh the way Adam did. I don't recall exactly, but having watched much of the D&D session, Adam's playthrough, as well as the party, I heard snippets that some of you guys haven't played some of these games. Baldur's Gate II, etc., please play! Video them, too! Keep us updared in the news feed! Remember what it is you like -- what we like -- and not just what you want to BE like. I hope you guys know the stuff like the back of your hand, because veiled references and insights into the older properties, nothing damaging or worthy of suing, would mean a lot to us who played those games earlier, and for new people it may get them into the old games... nothing big, nothing that would confuse people, but just -- good memories! You know?
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