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  1. all the Infinity engine games had great atmospheric sounds. Waukeen's promanade? Temple district, docks, all sounded great and distinct in BG2 for ex. Don't need crazy tech to make it sound good.
  2. oh including some sillier ones of a buddy of mine... and of course they work perfectly in game... aight done posting my stuff for now. But anyways. Def stick with the 2d artist portaits please...
  3. heh, I might start into it again. do you have a request? Subject/class/colors any other details... Here are a sampling of others I made by request:
  4. What do you think? Custom made BG avatar. <---------- I make all my own. I got celebs of all types and did myself and a few friends too back in the day. i love playing IWD with a full part of custom portraits I made too. Can't get any more personalized then that Also. First post. Hi everybody.
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