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  1. I prefer point-buy systems. You determine what your character will be good at, what she will be average at, what she will be bad at, generalist or specialist. That puts the choice for what and how the player wants to play the game in her own hands, and not dependent on dice rolls. I feel the same way about character progression. Grant additional build points at each level to be spent however the player wants (within the broad limits of the class, in a class-based system).
  2. This sounds like the reason for the split between "Stamina" and "Health" It looks very much like Palladium's split between S.D.C. and HP. One is punishment you can take and represents your will to keep going in the face of adversity, or the ability to shrug off minor wounds. The other is actual real damage to your person, the difference between being grazed across the thigh and the bullet shattering your femur. Healing need not be "Mundane", the point is that it is not common, and it is not fast. A good night's sleep and you might feel better after a fistfight, but if you break your le
  3. Rather than generic terms like "+1", how about quality, material, or property modifiers? Cloth: Padded -> Reinforced Cloth -> Brigandine -> Reinforced Spidersilk Hide: Bullhide -> rhinohide -> -> -> dragonhide Leather: Tanned Leather -> Boiled Leather -> -> -> Gryphon Leather Chain: Ring Mail -> Chain Mail -> -> -> Elven Chain Banded: Scale -> Splint -> Lamellar -> -> -> Dwarven Lorica Plate: Plated Mail -> Half Plate -> Full Plate -> -> -> Articulated Plate With modifiers based on craftsmanship, enchantm
  4. First point of order: Antibodies are not medicine, they are an produced by your immune system (T-cells) in response to infection. People never "died all the time from the simplest infected cut" and the body has build in mechanisms for reducing the incidence of infection: bleeding pushes contaminants out of a wound, white blood cells attack pathogens (pus is primarily made up of dead white blood cells and lymph, expended to fight and encapsulate the infection) scabs form to prevent additional foreign material from entering wounds. Similarly, spread of disease in a generally healthy or resi
  5. There are a couple of other interesting possibilities for a New Game+ mode than just carrying over the same character. For instance, passing along an item to a new character as an "heirloom", gaining a few additional build points, allowing a skill or ability from the previous character for the next character, etc.
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