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  1. Having the same issue, and it's extremely annoying. In my experience this happens not only with abilities but with normal attacks as well.
  2. FYI, I do not encounter the bug if I don't summon the ghost heart pet. I was able to play for two hours straight yesterday and no issue at all. Whenever I summon the pet 4-5 times, the game starts to freak out. Chanter's summons may be causing the same?
  3. Same here, experiencing area transition icons flicker and FPS drops/stutter. This began right after I started a playthrough with a Ghostheart Ranger mc. Weirdly enough, my other 40+ hours saves, that never experienced this problem before, are now affected by the issue.
  4. As per topic title, Superb and fire lash on Sungrazer are not applied on hit. Did not check the other enchantments, they may be broken as well. Screen can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/S9pBoAw
  5. As for the POTD stats bonus on the map, Obsidian has replied on this topic on the beta forums. Looks like it's cosmetic only and will be fixed on the next full patch. As for the incorrect health value I have noticed the same issue (see this topic). Are you guys running the beta patch, or the "stable" one?
  6. Now Eder's health is permanently increased, with a calculated health of 107 but an effective one of 122, as shown here https://imgur.com/a/OPcCnnt He had equipped for a while (not anymore) an amulet of health which gives + 15 max health, which is in fact 122 - 107 Considering that Eder had a bunch of stat stacking issues in Poe 1, maybe this is just one of his perks... A new save file is attached ----EDIT---- I re-trained Eder and noticed that something is stacking on each level up. At level one the difference between calculated HP and real HP is 0.4. At level 5 the d
  7. Hi all, Running beta patch 73, I have noticed that the health of the chars in the party increases after an area transition. For example Xoti's health goes from 67 to 77 after moving from Gorecci Street to Satahuzi. After the npc suffers some damage, health (both max and current) goes back to the normal value (which btw is still off by a couple of points when looking at the calculations). No idea if this issue is specific to the beta as I could not try on the "stable" release. Attached a couple of save files: Genserik (1723a3ae-5768-4edb-a56e-c3491eec1336) quicksave.savegame -
  8. Hello, I have created a new char and his deflection value is ignoring the -1 malus that you get at 9 resolve http://imgur.com/nEjMVVH The combat logs shows the unmodified deflection http://imgur.com/f2uh9Rr If I set resolve at a value lower than 9, deflection is still off by one point This is happening with a naked char Am I the only one experiencing the issue, or am I missing something? Thanks
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