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  1. Would like to see depth but would like to see more than "one" villian. Have multiple villians , some with depth but some simple minded in their reasoning, and who the head villian is be somewhat decided by the choices we make in the game if that is not to difficult to implement.
  2. I know this will cost extra to do, but heck, they have 4+ million, correct? I'd like to see quite a few various locations that a person can build their stronghold. Not just 2 or 3. So that we are not all building in the exact same place in the game. A good selection of different ways to build the stronghold so not all us have the exact same look and we can show it off in the forum. Since a few have reasoned a need for a stronghold , have a special room for artifact research that is part of the storyline. I know, cliche, but it would give a purpose to it. and a catapult. for cows.
  3. Well, hope y'all are still taking members. I joined the site on Tuesday but didn't get the activation email till Friday. So, if possible I'd like to be Wrangler of the Obsidian Order. Someone has to keep the horses full of mead. Thank Y'all much. Now if I can just get this site to accept a pic, I'll be fine.
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