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  1. Agreed: I, too, think that the Endless Dungeons would probably be perfect as a setting for co-op multiplayer.
  2. They are?! Booyah! Is this official? Has it been announced somewhere, or just mentioned in passing?
  3. Personally, if the stronghold has stores, I'd like to see each store request that the player provide them with specific items, and accept his/her request for specific ones. No need to build a mini-Recettear inside the game; simple interaction with stores that are already in place ought to suffice.
  4. Personally, I refuse to choose one over the other. One is needed to fill the gaps of the other.
  5. Personally, after having played Portal 2... I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, the Endless Dungeon would be the perfect setting for a co-op multiplayer dungeon. Different experiences for single-player and multi-player... that would rock.
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