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  1. I have heard that you just run behind the bar and shoot at them. Most of the time they dont follow you and just get stuck.
  2. DO NOT try and trick them saying you'll help them. Even if you do fortify the defenses when it's over Vrook will still yell at you and attack you.
  3. Crap i want mira but no wookie. I wanna be evil.
  4. You will die by my blade Darth Gandalf. Don't be a fool.
  5. The pink side is weak. DSLuke let us rise together and Kazic and Darth Gandalf will pay
  6. I sense the conflict in you... turn away from Kazic, follow your heart! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Follow your heart? Pfft follow your chances of getting a cooll colored saber.
  7. *rolls bergerferger into a burrito and tosses him into republic space* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What a delicious way to go.
  8. *Stabs Bokishi in the back with a force pike, while he's rambling*
  9. The pink side sounds like a sweet deal i want to join.
  10. I thought i said delete this topic. You want to delete this topic.
  11. Well the PC does have his powers before his lightsaber, so he might have just gotten and that would explain why he is weak.
  12. Ya four if i'm not mistaken and i heard something about "force potency".
  13. Whatever their are always unobservant people out their who need to know.
  14. That's cold, personally i'll get excited about anything about Kotor 2 that hasnt been said.
  15. Anyone notice that on the ign force powers video after the PC uses plague for the second time, she cuts in an "S" style attack. If you haven't, watch it again it's worth it.
  16. The ign review say your looking for jedi master(s) to learn from or kill. And come on guys keep it clean.
  17. I was on the Lucasarts site about to go into the Kotor 2 forums and a little red symbol popped up over it and i clicked on it. It then aske dme "You find a malfunctioning HK droid" what do you do? The options were delete his assasination protocol or start it up. Something like that anyway, what's the deal.
  18. What does beast control do? From the name you can guess a couple things, but does anyone know exactly what it does. Maybe it connects to you having a wookie in your party. Anybody care to collaborate.
  19. That was podracing not a swoopbike anybody can use a swoopbike.
  20. Since your PC is the last jedi, when he is killed their will be no more jedi meaning no more competition with the sith. P.S. The sith THINK your the last jedi
  21. There's a big thread all about it somewhere around here (I'm too lazy to link it). Search function is your friend. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you have no friends
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