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  1. Stalling on new content. Adding cosmetic sillies and now "fixing" something that was never broken... Man, you're making it so hard to keep playing this awesome game that I had to log in just to vent some frustration. The new UI is straight up ugly. The additional touch that I now have to do to see the location info sucks a lot from UX perspective too. The fonts in that menu are not resizing correctly which results in overflows that aren't handled well and in the fonts looking weirdly smashed together. The cards overlap action selection buttons and it's suddenly harder to drag the cards to their interactive zones to either banish, bury, discard, etc. I suppose I'm gonna wait for a couple patches down the line until this mess is at least half way solved.
  2. I think you can still edit? :S Oh no, you're right. After some time passes you can't. Ooops!
  3. Exalted is both awesome and horrible. It has one of the best fantasy settings I've ever seen, with great canon NPCs, an incredible amount of adventure seeds and the possibility of both light-headed and adult themes in the games. The rules (even their 2.5 iteration) suck a lot though. I'd rather just use Fudge.
  4. I am torn between Ogre 3D and Blender. I haven't really gotten into 3D games yet though, so only picked a few of the quick courses Blender offers. EDIT: Edit
  5. I would add XNA. It's Windows and XBox only, but C# is very functional and easy to learn.
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