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  1. Medios - God of Entertainment, storytelling, music, theater, painting, scribing would all fall under Medios' domain. He's is working a form of entertainment that would be the ultimate form - something that could combine all his other forms of entertainment and add an interactive element... *SPOILER ALERT* (I mean video games)
  2. Kapheen - Goddess of Energy - focused, hard worker, kind of scatterbrained outside of whatever she's focused on, and quite easily startled - has a special elixir (best served hot) that provides instant energy, for no more than 5 hours *edit - and it's addictive, you become more tired once its affects wear off than if you had never used it* Promotheus - God of Popularity and Declarations - Very loud and boisterous, always wants your full attention, thinks he is the only being worth listening to, very afraid of being forgotten, doesn't care if you like him or hate him, as long as you are thinking about him Retracktisk - God of Crowdfunding (anagram it) The Overseer - lives in a cave, always telling everyone its dangerous outside, wears a blue jumpsuit
  3. Nintendo's next console will be called the Thiim

  4. I suggest a 2-year lockout on all pro sports.

  5. Yay! I'm in. So will the books/ebooks ship with the game or before? Because I'm totally ready to start reading.
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