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  1. Okay, I'm dumb. I actually overlooked the audio tab in the settings.
  2. Hi, I want to change the language to English (bought on Epic store). How can I do that? There's no option in the settings
  3. Hi there, as the title says. I don't know what triggered this reaction, although I think it started somewhere around coming back from Ashmaw. I attached a screenshot. Here's the savegame. My character stands on her ship in front of Pallegina. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bmtbu6a20l7hi5r/Sajeni%20%28bd77788f-ab76-4c16-bd2c-325772b6815f%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  4. I believe it when I see it. It's kinda hard to stay celibate for that, as in saying no to Teheku. He turned out to be kinda cute. I reloaded when he asked me out after a conversation about expectations, so I have that speech bubble blinking at me unresolved right now. Does anyone know when the Xoti romance locks in?
  5. You get the chance to flirt with Pallegina, but she rebukes you pretty bluntly and is irritated that you would do that. That's just sad. She seems too consumed with loyalty to the ducs and hating on the gods. Since she was my only love interest on the cast, I personally will probably exchange her for Serafin to forget all about it with some colorful swearing...
  6. I edited a link to my latest save file into the first post. It's 4,5mb at the moment and growing.
  7. I use steam synchronization. Just disabled that for Pillars, just to be sure. Anyhow, I have a 10k upload with nothing interfering, so a 4500 kb file shouldn't take 6 seconds. Enough space. My drives aren't even on half capacity. I am the administrator. I'll attach a savegame to the main post, provided I figure out how. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone! After 20~ hours in Pillars, the game began to slow down considerably in loading times. I'm 30 hours in right now and the issue persists after computer restart. I like to save often. When I saved in early hours of the game it took about a second - now it's up to 6 seconds per save. Loading screens take about 10 seconds+ now. Going through 4 loading screens of purely waiting to advance a quest became the most annoying thing. Does anyone have a clue how I can get the load times back down again? My specs: Windows 7 Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 16GB RAM Edit: Here's my latest quicksave Since the upload cap is 1mb here, had to host somewhere else
  9. Hi all, I just started the game for the first time. When I got into the second fight, out of the blue a sound like book pages turning kept repeating really loadly. First I thought it'll go away, but it didn't. It stayed after the fight, after an area change, after reloading, after creating a new game. Turns out it's the ingame tooltips. If you experience this, go to the game options menu and disable them, then reload. I could really use those tutorials, but I guess I'll just need to find out myself.
  10. Thanks for the Paypal option! I'm living in Germany and would have a hard time trying to donate with Kickstarter, immediately backed Project: Eternity after I saw this :D
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