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  1. Actually, there was a choice. They asked me if I wanted to change in light of what happened. I chose to change it so that they can concentrate on the game instead of this PR nightmare. They weren't going to change it, they asked ME if I wanted to. I can find another platform to write my controversial crap, and I will. They, on the other hand, did the right thing and allowed me to decide the fate of the epitaph. I chose to turn into something that made fun of the bitch-bastards that were complaining. They went above and beyond what I would have expected them to do. Thanks for confirming Firedorn, I doubt this will cool the fires of the controversy but it's better than nothing. And if it means anything I enjoy both memorials.
  2. Could you just explain to me how it WAS actually transphobic. When I read the memorial long before this controversy I read the limerick as the character getting drunk and waking up in bed the next day with a man. Hell it could be read as him sleeping with a drag queen and many draq queens consider themselves to be men. To call the limerick transphobic is nothing more than a grand exaggeration. I mean what's next, will you be protesting Austin Powers?
  3. Good job, you got a harmless joke altered by greatly exaggerating what it was. Here's a star.
  4. I'd just like to say that there was very little to be offended about in the original limerick, and there was absolutely nothing transphobic in it. It's sad that Obsidian would buckle to the complaints of a Twitter user who wants to "#KillAllMen." With that said I still support Obsidian and will continue to buy your games because I'm not quick to be offended. And I think the new limerick is a hilarious mockery of the handful of people who misread a dumb joke. The worst news is that this is what most people will be discussing about when it comes to Pillars of Eternity instead of how damn good of a game it is. Obsidian would have been better off to ignore this than even entertaining the whining of a tiny group of ignorant people.
  5. InXile and Obsidian both have me very excited for their games. The other Kickstarters, they're just really one off projects. Double Fine is clearly going to make all kinds of games. Unless it's really good lying I truly believe that Brian Fargo, Josh Sawyer, Chris Avellone, and all the other guys want to make killer CRPGs again, and will make them as long as its finanically feasible. Feargus was interviewed and talked about how he'd love Pillars of Eternity to spin off into more games just like how Baldur's Gate went to Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment. To make a franchise these first games need to be great, they need to at the very least be worth the inital Kickstarter Pledge price of $25. I think Obsidian is more than capable of doing that. Also we only know what the Kickstarter Money is going towards, who knows if Obsidian has put in its own money or found other investors. Either way I think they're going to use the funds more wisely than other studios.
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