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  1. And we all know beta software is exactly the same as release software. OMG...! Now I see it's stupid discuss this with someone that doesn't know nothing about this topic. If you think from beta to rc Unity are going to change ALL THE ENTIRE API (which really use .NET sockets for multiplayer, so I really don't understand what you refer when you tell: "Unity have the code for this") it's because you've no ****ing idea about software development in general. lol
  2. Dude, I'm already using Unity 4, there is a beta available for pre-orders. I can tell you there is no differences on multiplayer side.
  3. Isn't something Unity built-in, but there are third-party assets that do exactly this job on Unity. For example this one: http://www.softrare.eu/ez-replay-manager-demo-1.html#.UH6_sMUxrHQ
  4. Excuse me... "Unity engine includes all necessary code??" O_O This sentence only come from anyone who isn't a dev. I think you never coded something on Unity, at least a multiplayer system and you don't know how bugged is what you called "the included code for multiplayer". Do you really know how complex it's to develop and implement a multiplayer system? I don't think so. There is not magic button to make all things work from single player to multiplayer...
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