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  1. I truly wish I'd been able to spend more, I'd soooo love the character "Mellowtide" (He once fell asleep on the beach and woke up in Umberlee's realm :facepalm:or the equal in P:E, returned but has some serious issues with water!) but as an student i'm pretty much bent over double as it is and 165 was kinda rough, but hey, pasta and ketchup is good for you eh But by the time the game is out I'm done with school and I'll be sure to put my vacation in april for some mystical reason.
  2. Fallout for the black humor Baldurs Gate for the grand adventure Arcanum for what could have been and almost was epic Planescape Torment for the A+++ on my english exam And all of them combined for the storytelling!
  3. If there's ever anyone remotely like "Boo" in this game, make sure we can steal him for ourselves And a huge thank you from the cold north!
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