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  1. Is anyone else hoping for puzzles? Lots and lots of puzzles. Ones that actually force you to think. Somthing interesting and challenging. Something with consequences if you flub it up. Something not at all like a big door with three rings of animal pictures, and the key has which animals you need to pick, endlessly repeated.
  2. Originally bid $20, bumped it up to $35 for the extras, bumped it up again to $50 when they announced the Almanac, and added on another $20 for the expansion. I'd have gone straight to the $140 tier (cloth f-ing map!), but I was already over my budget for this month.
  3. Baldur's Gate, Planescape:Torment, and the for-some-reason-missing Fallout:New Vegas. Granted it was first person, not isometric, but the writing was fantastic.
  4. A year and a half is a fairly short amount of time for a game's development. Obsidian already has a good start, but if they miss next April, then they miss it. I think they should take as long as they need to make it the best game possible. As long as we don't end up with another "Duke Nukem Forever", at least.
  5. There were two Firefly MMO in the works; Darkcryo's Firefly universe and the Multiverse Platform's Firefly and Buffy MMOs. Darkcryo got C&D'ed by Fox for IP infringement and Multiverse went under, taking all the games based on it down with it.
  6. I'm sure it'll be polished brilliantly. Will it be bug-free? I doubt it. I honestly can't think of any game that was 100% bug-free at launch. I trust Obsidian to minimize it as much as humanly possible, and to patch out what's left.
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