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  1. "Disables a number of "helper" features in the game" couldn't possibly be any more vague. Considering you can't switch it on and off at will, I'd like to know what it does before committing to it. I'm assuming it's not tutorial pop-ups, since those have their own setting. Is it meant to be an obscure surprise, or was it detailed in one of the updates? I have to admit I haven't followed those as closely as I maybe should have.
  2. As much as I love the depth subraces can offer to a setting or specific locations, the more subraces, the more high fantasy a setting becomes. Doesn't really fit PE. Then again, one of the playable races is Planetouched, so what do I know. If they're in, I hope they're given a lot of thought and effort, because I definitely don't want to see throw-away subraces that are there only for different starting stats, e.g. make brown dwarf for +2 STR and +2 CON but -2 CHA.
  3. I've honestly no idea what to vote for. While I definitely want the game to be 'realistic' in regard that I don't want to meet arbitrarily immortal characters, I don't want poor AI to wade into an AoE and die, and neither do I want to escape without consequences after committing a genocide. I definitely would like to see at least one instance where I can see past a side-quest giver (or any other NPC for that matter) trying to screw me over. I loathe encounters with NPCs that 'lure' me into a painfully obvious trap, and then gloat and boast about how clever they are. I would like to be able to kill anyone, but that shouldn't be a simple mortality flag, script-wise, to prevent them from dying mid-combat from someone else. Watching my party's survivability will be challenging enough, I imagine. In this case, a 'knocked out' condition would be best, I think. If it's an actual escort affair, like "protect this guy while he closes the portal", and he dies either from me, one of my companions or an enemy, it could prolong the quest by having you seek an alternative way to close the portal, but that's probably asking too much and is off-topic. Another problem is that my immersion is shattered if I attack innocents in a town, fight guards, defeat guards, and then the state of the town's hostility towards me is reset. There are very few workarounds this issue. To that end, maybe introduce initially locked paths through the big cities, and they unlock once you are in bad standing with a city? Kind of like nosferatu having to traverse sewers in VTMB. Maybe Big City #2 could be a Vailian city, or an otherwise darkly themed city that has loose laws and murder isn't frowned down upon as much. Long story short, the more mortal people, the better, but also the more mortal people, the more developmental problems.
  4. I have to butt in and point out that clerics, at least in D&D, were not necessarily "healers" or "rez masters", in fact you had to build them in a specific manner to make them such, and clerics were much more famous (or infamous) for their offensive builds, because they could buff themselves and debuff enemies, all while having decent offence and above average defence. Clerics made great healers, but that was by far not their main purpose. Considering the stamina/health system, giving them stamina-replenishing abilities bears consequences different from just upping a character's vitality. As I understand it, you will use stamina for abilities, subsequently weakening yourself. While clerics could be given the chance to remedy that in the short-term, your health can still be dented, and that damage cannot be undone. Once your health hits 0, you can have full stamina and still go down. I honestly don't see the drawback of stamina-replenishing spells, in fact I think they're mandatory. I do agree that they should have at least a few undead-based abilities, or spells that interact with souls. Knowing Obsidian, though, that's probably a given. It'll be interesting to see what's the line where a cleric ends and a necromancer begins; where the line is drawn, at what point manipulation of a soul becomes taboo. Besides it giving clerics interesting and unique abilities, it would also serve well to flesh out the universe further. Personally, I'm hoping we will able to choose our own god when making a cleric, because that will give cleric characters a bit more identity. In terms of combat, if they maintain the identity of D&D clerics - mostly supportive spell-casters that can either be a walking tower of debility or a devastating debuff-and-destroy powerhouse.
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