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  1. I could see your character being a selectable companion in subsequent playthroughs, but I'd rather not have a true new game plus. As much fun as exporting your character at the end was.
  2. Personally I could go either way on 2d or 3d portraits, what I would like to see is the portrait act as a status monitor. Much easier to glance at a picture to see when I'm close to death, or poisoned, etc. That would probably be easier to achieve with a 3d portrait rather than artist rendered.
  3. Which raises the concern of what happens if that period comes to a close and the game needs to be delayed. The Kickstarter crowd almost certainly wants a finished game rather than an early release, but where do they get the funds to finance extra work, if its needed? Well that's what I was saying. Is that at a bare minimum, they'll have the 18 months of production, but most likely they have 2-2.5 years when you factor in what Regen brought up. And yeah I realize that they don't get the 4.1m. After kickstarter and amazon, they would have had almost 3.7m. Technically its an investment
  4. You would have to account for payroll taxes, benefits, tools, licensing fees, and other operational expenses to get a rough idea. An extreamly rough estimate would be at least $35k per person. With these very rough assumptions, you are looking at being able to support a 20 person team for a year and a half to two years without tapping into other funds. True. Really comes down to the breakdown of the team and the different roles as well. I mean a graphic artist or QA could be down near 50k. That's even if the full team is salaried or wholly dedicated to the one project. Most of the QA g
  5. Easy enough to break down potential expenses too. I imagine marketing will primarily be taken care of through trade publications, word of mouth, and obviously us as backers. Guessing that all the assets are either currently owned by Obsidian or produced by them, meaning a minimal amount of money needs to be spent acquiring outside assets. Voice overs for interchapter movies, ending, and intro (if they're even doing that) won't run that high. Probably can even use in-house talent. Average programmer salary is maybe 70k just as a benchmark. Team consists of 20 people, so you're looking at ro
  6. The issue with making it a main part of the storyline is for people who wouldn't want to utilize a stronghold roleplay wise for their character. Sure if you're trying to play along the lines of some urban-dwelling powermonger, the big shiny castle could be nice, but what happens when you set yourself up as a nature-dwelling ranger or the aloof hedge mage. It needs to be both investable but not game breaking, unless like the NWN2 stronghold, it becomes the basis for an entire section of the game that you really can't refuse the stewardship of.
  7. Personally I’d like to see several options that you’d need to choose from when you are establishing the original stronghold either by conquest or reward or however Obsidian wants to do it. You’d get three options that represent different specialties: Industrial, Commercial, or Military. These three specialties would rely on different locations to set their tone. Industrial in a mountainous area, Commercial in the plains or a river area, and the military building could be situated along key road ways. Each of these stronghold types would have a series of add-ons you could build or repair to gi
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