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  1. I'm not quite sure why it is always focused on the dialogue options. I think it would be more interesting or fitting if you have tags for kind of intention/behavior and your stats would influence the quality of the answer you get. If you're very intelligent you may get more detailed information about the things they tell you about, if you're very charismatic they may be inclined to tell you more personal things, if your very perceptive you might see sth. in their body language, if you're very strong you're intimidation is more effective and more likely to be true or on the other hand just sth
  2. Sure doing it for every person you meet in the game and turning it into kinda world simulation would be absurdly complex, but I still think it would be possible on a smaller scale for a start. Send the protagonist on his usual adventuring romp with some decisions to make and if there are certain conditions met, start a ongoing storyline about someone interfering with you and your group and your aims (you know like you usually do to the evil ones). So you have to find out who it is and why he is doing it and maybe he has very good reasons and how can you convince someone who has suffered throu
  3. One concept I personally would find interesting is one or more antagonist that are created not for you but kinda by yourself or your actions. Let's be honest the usual adventurer life consists of killing, plundering, stealing and making lots of half informed self righteous decisions about other people lives. So how comes noone ever calls you out on this? All this people you kill had noone in the world that cared about them? Or for example having choosen to let someone die to save several other people never upset someone? I think it would offer lot of potential for interesting storylines and r
  4. I think most games don't really explore it, because money really doesn't make much of a sense in most games. Moneys main function in reality is to barter for thinks that are necessary for your life like food, cloth, rent and so on. A lot of things most people don't want to have in a game, because it tends to be tedious and not very fun. So you can either don't implement them and risk parties getting filthy rich or you devise ways to spend money (usually equipment stepstones), that always tend to be a bit obvious and tacked on. The immersion breaking part isn't the money itself, but that the p
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