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  1. Being relatively new to the forum, I have not taken the time to read back on topics of the past, so forgive me if I'm digging up something that's long been forgotten. What sort of community involvement is OE going to have during the development of PE? A great many of us are already beta testers, so that's promising. I'd also love to take part in regular input of the game if OE decides to reach out to the community, but at the same time I don't want them to feel obligated to do so. This is their vision after all, and I would be really sad if it turned into a "try to please everyone" fes
  2. Hi, I've been interested in PE ever since hearing about it, and couldn't be more excited, having accidently stumbled upon the original Baldur's Gate during high school. I travel a lot for work, as an engineer, dealing mostly with the domestic and international automotive industry. I'm a long-time gamer, dabbling writer, and jack-of-all-trades extraordinaire.
  3. I almost upped from $533 to $1033 last night. I decided on the side of my remaining rationality, that my student loans would be happier with the extra $500 than the game that has already made >$4 mil. In any case, I'll just put my NPC idea out there for you: Someone who is convinced they're a chanter but really aren't, so they just keep singing random things.
  4. Just upped my pledge by $8! Very excited! Any chance I could have "Ars Electrica of the Obsidian Order"?
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