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  1. Probably already said, But i would like to see a set of gods like the ones from the Dragonlance series of Novels. They have the 3 separate parts (Good,Neutral,Evil) then each is separated by thier individual areas of expertise (theres a good god of war and a bad one.) also alot of the gods have Mates, and their are also Random gods and "Outsider" gods (gods that somehow appeared even though they are outside the means of creation of the other gods.)
  2. Honestly im kinda hoping for the Wizard Training school experience like the Sphere in BG2, dont know why but i havent been able to find an experience like it since and the idea was kind of cool to me. (Yes, i am aware of the Harry potter games, and No i do not believe they should count as it seems really........kiddy, plus its all following a story so there are no real decisions just if u dont do this then you are stuck here forever.)
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