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  1. My bank account hates me now... but congratulations on a project well done.
  2. Ok, I am now confused. What are the "rules" for these titles, I suggested 2 which were given the so I made a third one (which is the name of another poster on the board so that one is probably not going to fly.) 2 posts have been made welcoming folks and I am not among those. Please advise if I should be making more suggestions, I have pledged the extra 8 dollars and are more confused about this.
  3. I am guessing my two choices got the smiley. Event Horizon of the Obsidian Order
  4. I think I will go with the title "Slayer of Puppies in the Obsidian Order" If that one is too politically incorrect, I can go with "Keeper of the Colorful Language" http://www.kickstart...ofile/pclabtech
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