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  1. I personally prefer floating portraits: Uses some of that widescreen real estate and looks nice and clean. And you've got more functional area down below for extra buttons, etc.
  2. I think in tabletop games it's everything but the combat that makes it fun to play, but it's up to you if you want to approach each encounter in such a way to avoid combat. Inevitably, someone in your party wants to conquer everything they face so you'll often be dragged along for the ride. I know I always wanted to play as a cowardly bard that boasts of all his heroic deeds and then hides in the corner while his companions do all the fighting, but the fact of the matter is this approach, as entertaining as it is, will eventually get you looked at as a liability rather than an asset and it w
  3. Upped my pledge by $8 already. http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/deadofknight I would like to be DeadOfKnight, "Incorrigible Smartass of the Obsidian Order"
  4. Welcome newcomers to the Obsidian Order of Eternity! Edit: Aww, still not changed. Pledged $8 yesterday. "Incorrigible Smartass of the Obsidian Order" Please!
  5. $250 Signed Collector's Edition $25 Obsidian T-Shirt $10 Deck of Cards $8 Obsidian Order $293 Total Never spent so much on a game before.
  6. I have joined the Obsidian Order! https://www.kickstar...le/deadofknight Now to think of a good title. High Warlord? Grand Champion?...Master Jedi? I got it! "Incorrigible Smartass of the Obsidian Order"
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