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  1. I'm having a similar issue, Vela is no longer on the beach at the start of the game when importing a save, last time I used this import (pre 2.0) she was there and everything was fine but now she's nowhere to be found despite even getting a mention in the first dialogue with Engrim
  2. having similar effects happening as a cipher assassin multiclass, gain mace and axe proficiency, knockdown, and as an elf get a second wily step
  3. The email they sent unfortunately states:Please note, this promotion is only available on Steam If that’s a case that really sucks. I will wait for official news before I start bugging Obs to figure out something or somehow move my order. I mean, it should be possible to generate keys for gog, no? Maybe a little bit more messy that steam integration, but come on! How could isometric RPG on GoG be the lesser edition? Eric responded on Reddit and said: Unfortunately, GOG isn't set up for promotions like this the way Steam is. However, we're looking into what we can do for GOG users and hope to have something soon! Hopefully they work something out for GOG users. While GOG might not allow linking user accounts from outside GOG the same way Steam does, they do support DLCs. Their answer is a bit weird, the system didn't have to require direct linking of the Steam account. Could potentially have each unlock generate a redeemable code linked to obsidian accounts to use on gog and do it that way either way following this thread for sure
  4. Another thing I noticed about the boat is there's no way to level your characters up while sailing, not necessarily a major thing but would be nice assuming there are events at sea that could cause level ups
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