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  1. I have had no news regarding my previous demand, And I think it might simply have been lost in the big influx of backers.. I thus apologize in advance if it's unnecessary, but May I please get the "Smiling Tiger of the Obsidian Order" ? PS : Almost 3.6 without even Paypal factored in.. I'm.. amazed.
  2. I think this is an excellent point. To me is seems like a lot of this games mechanics are being based solely on how to prevent people from doing this or that. We dont like "rest scumming": put in a system that forces you to rest in only certain locations, We dont like "ability / spell casting scumming": put in cooldowns, We dont like players "level scumming": put in quest based experience, We dont like players "topping off before battles scumming", see "rest scumming" and "ability scumming". So much energy is being funneled into forcing the players to play only one way. Im not even particulalr
  3. Woooooooooooohoooo !!! We did it ! Stronghold !!! hehehe Sorry. I meant, well done lads.
  4. Thanks to Macbeth and Hassat Hunter. Just did so
  5. Hello, was guided here by Macbeth and Hassat Hunter, thnaks to them Just upped my pledge of 165 to 173$ $ May I get the obvious "Smiling Tiger of the Obsidian Order "?
  6. hello And thanks for the invitation So I shall hereby increase my pledge by 8$ , And what would then happen ?
  7. Hello, Have been following this more or less from the start, and have grown increasingly enthusiastic about the whole thing.. I had decided to back the project but still didn't know how much (sadly dreams of winning the lottery haven't realized I've read comments and posts both here and on kickstarter, and I have to say I am glad to see all the positive statement and the very communicative enthusiasm. Great people it seems So despite already having backed wasteland2, I just pledged 165. And here is to a Wonderful Game
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