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  1. Update #1, showcasing 1024x768 resolution and increased viewport size. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPrOsNehxsM&feature=plcp
  2. Then you put points into wisdom/int as the game explicitly advises you to do. Not letting you min-max your stats as a fighter isn't gimping you, particularly when the gameplay revolves so much around investigation, unless you see 18-18-18-3-3-3 as the standard (and THAT, to me, would be poor design). Encouraging balanced characters is perfectly sensible and I hope it continues in PE. That was merely inconsistent execution of the details when it comes to enemies with sword graphics. Dak'kon and Trias's swords were meant to be out of the ordinary in the setting. I don't see anything wrong with the attempt to distinguish the equipment from traditional high fantasy, especially as the same design sensibilities extended to the entire setting. I hope they emphasize the PST over the BG.
  3. You're tripping! In a way, yes; it showed the way for their later experiments. In any case, the implementation was different from the sort of thing people seem to talk about now. It was at least vaguely connected to the story and seemed to flow from the situations into which the characters were thrown, rather than existing for the sake of pandering to some sort of soap opera/dating sim instinct with an infuriating veil of respectability thrown over it by the dev/press/gamer circle church, which is what it collapsed into after BG2. Planescape did it tastefully and to the greatest effect wth probably even less than that, again, by developing it in connection to the story rather than with dating sim sensibilities (that many seem to be asking for in PE).
  4. Grimoire is the echo of that artistic ghost in the 21st century.
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