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  1. Nice update - very informative. Will join the authors above on VFX: it has two issues - one is desynchronisation of water and sound and the other is this mist at the right corner which is supposed to be water flowing down the rock smoothly. Smth that Beta should fix I guess.
  2. Good one! However, agree with some critics above, that you guys can do even better! ) 1. Shadows need to move with the move of sun / light. In general shadows can be more dynamic, dense... 2. Reflections - when the warrior is crossing water there's no reflection of him. In general, this particular part when he crosses the river needs polishing. There are no visual splashes when he "steps" in th water and the impression is he is sort of "gliding" over. I'm sure it will all be ironed in the next few months and thanks for keeping us posted!
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