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  1. I waited a few days just in case, but it seems that my kickstarter badge hasn't appeared just yet either.
  2. I had repeated trouble trying to finalize my order on Firefox, so I had to switch to IE to finish it. In any case, I was really happy seeing the trailer yesterday and I'm loving how it looks so far. I'm eagerly awaiting to see what the finished game will be like!
  3. I seem to be unable to confirm my Order forum account. I signed up a couple days ago (Sorry for the lateness) and I have yet to receive the confirmation e-mail. Is it a problem with the site or did I just enter my details wrong? I've clicked for the confirmation e-mail to be sent a couple times by now, I've checked my spam filter a lot too just in case.
  4. PLD_Danny1989, Fledgling Paladin of the Obsidian Order. http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/plddan89 Its a pleasure to meet you all ^_^
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