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    RPG, chess, programming, watching porn and other stuffs, listening to metal and other stuffs, and yeah playing RPG from old school to new generation rpgs, but mostly i love party based with very interactive NPCs where you can form bonds. N last but not least I love sketching girls if I find them really beautiful.
  1. How come there's only four members at the bridge?? Its supposed to be six membered party based...... or did the two guys fell off the bridge while making the jump cause the got a lower number in their dice rolls??? I mean does this kind of things can happen at the game... or is just a drawing thats it??
  2. Can you make this game more childlike like baldur's gate where lines like "Do you wanna tell me a story about trollups and plug tails are popular? Please" , "go for the eyes boo, go for the eyes" are popular and not like witcher 2 stuffs like "saying something or did you just fart" or "piss off witcha" are popular
  3. Umm I dont know........... but in case you can pray to god so u can get a really good power to use in battle is always welcome..... N as for as worshiping are concerned i prefer angels to gods as they are more closer to you. N as for spirituality and well being are concerned i like it if the Gods are formless and represent chi or energies and that connects everything around brings everything in harmony. So monk may worship many different gods to harness different types of chi and learn to stabilize it in him
  4. Don't keep old people as monks and fighters...... they are best suited as roles of wizards and warlocks.
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