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  1. I liked in BG how you could drag varying party members up to be the party leader "Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads. SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!" And their stats would be applied to the conversation leads.
  2. by sleeping, dnd 2.5 style. You have a certain number of spells you can memorize (and you get more slots as you level up), and you have those spells for the day, until you sleep again and rememorize. Its a great system for encouraging tactics in my opinion
  3. Upon looking through reddit, PE hasnt gotten the attention it Deserves. Lets bring it to the front page of r/gaming and break that 3.5M barrier. I did a quick and dirty post that we can upvote, but if anyone can do better, go for it!
  4. I did a terrible job of the post, and if you can do better, please do but lets upvote whatever we can find to try to get this to the front page of reddit to reach the 3.5M goal
  5. eek. how has noone submitted this to reddit. The last post about it is 23 days ago and received lackluster response. Lets fix that. A front page reddit post will bring us to 3.5M no problem
  6. that's fair. i wanted the wallpapers/ringtones/books. so that's what i got. as for "messing up" your tier, no. it won't. You'll just go to the "manage my pledge" section (from the button) and then you can select a new tier. In my case, i started at 20, then bumped to 50, then i added 7 for the guide. you'd just do the same thing. Manage, then select the tier you want. it'll change your pledge to that tier amount, then you can manually change the pledge to put more money in, for any of the add-ons. hope this helps helped a lot Put an extra 21 in
  7. that sounds good to me (xpac), i want that, but i cant find it on the site.... Go to the Kickstarter frontpage and scroll down to the add-ons section.http://www.kickstart...y/?ref=kicktraq There's also an add-on update here: http://www.kickstart...ty/posts/311594 ah, i was confused because i only saw Digital Add-Ons (Require $20 tier and above): Add a Digital Strategy Guide for $7 (included in tiers $80 and above, but now available to lower tiers!) Add an Early Access Beta Key +$25 (included in tiers $110 and above, but now available to lower tiers!) Add a Digital Download o
  8. are you looking for anything in particular? if you are looking to pledge 60-70 bucks, there's the digital $50 tier and add 7 for a strat guide. or stay at the 36 and just add another 20-30 to your pledge but as i said, down for 57 now, but the expansion for 20 and almanac for another 15? idk if i can drop another 35 bucks. I mean, that'd put me at 92. Not really a fan of any of the "digital only" artwork/stratguide/etc. More content would be nice. If i already selected the 35 dollar tier, arent i locked into it, even if i add more? Like i if i wanted the physical tier I wou
  9. So i pledged 36 bucks already for the digital tier, if i wanted to pledge some more, say another 20-30 to try to push it to 3.5 mil, what would be my best option?
  10. I love it, screenshot is everything I hoped it would be. Also, super excited about the soul stealing winds, thats awesome, reminds me of Shadar Logath from Wheel Of Time
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