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    My interests lie primarily in rich, story-driven games. Be they comedic or tragic, the characters and story must draw me in. Classically, this meant adventure games (both text and graphical), sacrificing replayability for richness of story, often by orders of magnitude. Deep cRPG's can fill a niche here, and while they'll never replace my love of classic adventure games, they offer lore _and_ replayability. And this, friends, is why I'm here.


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  1. Man, I was getting pretty worried... today was a $22K day with momentum growing! Standing at ~$275K, we need another $125K. Now there's 5 days, 12 hours left... yesterday was a $12K day, so if we project that tomorrow will go up to $25K (from today's $22K), then we'll totally make it with only $25K days (meaning that our daily pledge level is where we don't even need an end-of-campaign spike). Of course, as the PE team constantly has reminded us, every dollar counts. So, for those who say "looks interesting, I'll buy it retail", they actually will get a better game by pre-ordering, for obvious reasons. I'd consider it a winner, and hope that anyone who only backs winners will at least come on board for a pre-order! Especially if you're a Linux RPG fan, this one is not to be missed.
  2. Yeah, this one is awesome, and like SpaceVenture, even if they vanish with hundreds of my dollars it will have been worth it for bringing me Quest for Glory. Of course, they won't... they're really serious about making it a good experience. New awesome updates, though... Linux support announced, and the port will be done by Corey himself (to not affect the budget at all)!! Also a great update regarding the design and art direction, to assuage fears that it won't live up to backer's standards (I think it's looking freaking awesome). Lastly, a more detailed update about what kind of CRPG it is that Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is going to be (love the title, personally). I really hope that some other RPG fans will take a look (and at least talk about it with their friends & gaming group even if they aren't interested personally)... the project's funding needs a swift kick in the rear to get going!
  3. Just an FYI to curious parties, I've asked a question on the KS comment thread, and had it answered by the team (Feargus actually): SD asks... Feargus delivers... Really happy with that answer, actually. What if they have a really slow month and not much to document? Perhaps art updates and live chats are more appropriate for that month. What if there is a month so packed with awesome that they really want to do an episode and a "side quest" short video? Or more than one? They can do it. I'm on board for that level of flexibility. Also, the team can include behind-the-scene goodies on the final documentary which were not made available until the end, namely fun content that also happens to have spoilers sprinkled throughout (especially the funny bits!). Anywho... you may return to your regularly scheduled Kickstarter legal discussion
  4. Wow!! Totally pumped about the update! That's Fargo, man, helping out his buddies at Obsidian... and why did he do it? Because WL2 is his damn game. Because he can, no permision needed. Like a goddamn boss. Sweet that they're announcing their plans to build an expansion! It re-affirms their ongoing commitment to the project that they're going to continue to build further content beyond the completion of the core game. NWN (the original) had a great expansion pack ecosystem in it's Premium Modules program. They were fantastic, and I enjoy them greatly. I envision something like that augmenting the production of full expansions. After all, without Atari/EA/Activision to hold them back, why not continue to build unique content for the game far into the future? Building a game financed in large part by themselves (on top of our backing) is enormously expensive. They can make the best of their investment by dedicating a small team to making this rich content years into the future. Not to mention, pending full information about the modding tools, they could easily contract the best of the community to build Premium Modules and asset packs for expansions and such. The sky's the limit! I just really hope that the WL2 awards are gift-able, since a goodly chunk of the $165+ people probably already backed it! Like me Oh, and Rasmudd, be serious... I suspect it's as simple as Fargo not wanting to give out fifteen-thousand free freaking licenses! Maybe consider that. It's incredibly generous of him to give anything to this project at all, and, of course, there is still the chance WL2 may not come to be (there are no guarantees in game development!). So the two studios have bonded over Kickstarter, and their fates and integrity are now woven together. For what it's worth, I hope both are wildly successful.
  5. Hello, folks! I'm usually "SD" on Kickstarter and on the many, many forums those projects have built for backers, just like this one. It seems that the Order doesn't have one of me yet (now that I'm no longer a Goat... we already had a Goat!). I'll be Necronaut of the Obsidian Order... I like the sound of it, and it supports another project at the same time.
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