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  1. Definitely. I thought Kevin Michael Richardson's readings of the dreams in Baldur's Gate were top notch. They really drew you in. I always looked forward to one of those sequences. I'm sure Obsidian will find appropriate voice actors for all the necessary roles but there's no harm in discussing the subject. Personally, my favorite video game narration is Campbell Lane's work on the Homeworld series. His voice is chilling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrW4jkQdmjI
  2. Justin, I don't want to be too forward, but I sent you a forum message about some inexpensive local possibilities for ensembles you guys might consider. Perhaps there's a way you wouldn't have to outsource for affordable musicians. As a classical guitarist and lutenist local to orange county I may be a little biased, but I'm going to say hell yes there should be live music. Small ensembles and soloists when appropriate. Just an idea, but I think it would be cool if the larger cities had street musicians sprinkled here and there, near markets or around taverns, playing guitar, vihuela, lute, recorder, crumhorn, or viola da gamba sorts of things. I always loved those little instances of diegetic music/sound you would encounter while running around in the IE games, like the monks chanting prophecies at the beginning of Baldur's Gate. It made the world feel alive.
  3. It'll be interesting to see what they do with the Cipher class. Mind tricks and illusions? Very cool.
  4. Thanks! I didn't intend this to be a theme song or anything, by the way. I've just been listening to a lot of old English folk music recently and was inpsired to write a ballad exploring some part of the mythology of the universe as a folk singer would do in real life. The whole idea of creating a new universe complete with a complex history and mythology is pretty cool and I'm quite jealous.
  5. Hi all! I'm a big fan of Obsidian and I've been following PE closely since I heard about it on Something Awful. Baldur's Gate and Planescape were a big part of my childhood so I'm really excited for it! I wrote a ballad in common metre about Project Infinity things during my commute over the past week. It's a story of a warrior who is turned against his party by a powerful Cipher. The place names are all from the map. I don't sing often but I gave it my best shot. I hope you enjoy it, and best of luck over this last week! Cheers. http://youtu.be/NpUU4_-vouY
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