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  1. I would like to see a system with greater and lesser gods... That way there could be a "primary god" you worship, that grants you certain benefits/perks, and lesser gods, that you can pray to at shrines/by following specific rituals, which will grant you short term favours/blessings or cause minor long term changes to your experience. Some ideas for lesser gods: - a god of gamblers: praying to him/her more often could result in "luck +1" or similar - a god of things lost and found: when you please her/him by praying at one of his VERY WELL HIDDEN altars, the chance to find better loo
  2. It's similar in Germany. However, if there is written retailers invoice (they have accepted order confirmations e-mails that include the amount charged to my credit card), that counts as proof of price. However, that's the thing, since this is not a buy/sell process, I wonder how it will work. Technically Obsidian could write 20 $ on the box, but they will still want to see a document with the price I paid, and that would be a 180 $ credit card bill then (or whichever is your tier) ...
  3. I never thought about taxes either... here's the thing, in Germany you have to go to the customs and pick up your package. They ask for a receipt/document with the selling price on it to calculate taxes. How are we going to be able to prove the price? Will Obsidian include a receipt or send us one by mail? This could be a bit difficult seeing as it is not a buy/sell transaction really. Does anyone have experience with this?
  4. I agree, but there would definitely have to be a dialogue log for each party member /important character. Or maybe a travelling journal that picks up this information either a quest-progress log or biography-like entry of each (important) character you meet/talk to, depending on the type of information obtained.
  5. I agree. In a lot of recent games different races get different starting attributes (+1/-2 etc.) , which then end up nothing but cosmetic once you reach level X. I understand this is done to allow for freedom of choice, and so you can be an elfish weight lifting champion or a nimble footed ogre thief. While technically I support this system of choice, I think some stats should be should be capped at a maximum value for certain races. E.g. due to his bulky physique an 8 foot high, broad shouldered ogrish character should not be able to max out dexterity, same as a 6 foot lanky elfish cha
  6. Quick and dirty translation, it is 3 am after all: Text in [ ] are additions I made for ease of reading I hope you don't mind HumanFlesh+5, but I feel it is a very valid point everyone should be able to read ;-) If you think I got anything wrong, just let me know and I'll fix it.
  7. Regarding bad localisation and the necessity of translating games: As a German native speaker and professional translator with experience in translating smart phone, TV and Software UI, among others, I can tell you this: Localisations of games have a tendency towards being sub par. I know this and that's why I mostly steer clear of German localisations. But I am lucky, I speak and understand English better than most non-bilingual Germans. For some people reading and understanding a game they wish to immerse themselves in is not possible in a foreign language. They may have to resort
  8. I really like the locking idea, too. Especially with a chance for the enemies to break the door. That way it won't be overpowered, but it would give you an advantage in the battle and the ability to single out targets that need killing first. And different door types could be easier and harder to both lock and break, simply tied to the difficulty of lock.
  9. Regarding the pet: I would like to see maybe 2 or 3 different pet options. Of course this means a lot of programming effort. However, what if you gave us 3 options: a bird, a dog-type and a rodent. Then make 2-3 "skins" for each which totals 6-9 pets. That reduces animating work and you just need to make more "skins". You may have to scale for size but the animations could be the same for each animal For example: Each time you start a new game you get to pick a pet for your character. This could be either: canine-type: a) domesticated dog b) wolf bird-type: a) crow b) falcon c) par
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