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  1. Games have shaped me. I already have my stereotypical view set, that wizard´s are weird eccentrics or powerhungry conjurers and that Druids are Hippies. It get´s interesting, when you try to play such a specific personality. Because you´ll inevitably end up playing as your view of someone else. Most fun is always discovering a personality as you play.
  2. biamhac, huh? Sounds cool, like you´re totally comitted to the "souls" idea. I also love the screenshot. New wallpaper! I´m pretty sure, that we´ll get to 3 million. But 3.5? Let´s hope. Also, what will be put in for 2,9 mil.? really curious.
  3. I like the idea of hiring especially talented people to help out with the game as a stretch goal. On that note: Why not make a musical expert an extra stretch goal? Maybe Jeremy Soule (Guild Wars 1, expansions, and 2) or Jack Wall (ME 1 and 2)? Music is incredibly effective to create atmosphere and can be used with great effect in Trailers to market the game. As far as playable classes go, I think the game will have enough with The Paladins and Chanters. I´d like you to add more storylines, areas, races and more great people to work on the game (eventhough your current crew is already extraordinarily strong). I think Project Eternity can really prove (and already has), that gamers want RPGs like this!
  4. These guys are totally legit and friends with other great developers! All joking aside though, I´d like to here more about the game´s societies, the world´s history, legends, religion and that sort of stuff in future updates. Keep em coming!
  5. Since you announced a full expansion, why not let people add it to their pledges (whatever those might be) for 20 $ ? That´s assuming this expansion will cost around 30 $ retail price.
  6. I got 2 ideas for additional classes: - Alchemist: A crafty, intelligent and educated yet vulnerable "specialist". His specialties are poisoning enemys with various effects by throwing flasks at them, creating helpfull yet dangerous portions with "special effects" for allies and playing mind tricks on enemies, charming, confusing, or scaring them. He should only be able to use staffs to defend himself if necesarry. - Monk: Intelligent and educated like the Alchemist but also, unlike the Alchemist, quick-fooded, resilient and only effective in close combat. He fights by stunning, overwhelming and crippling enemies with kicks and punches and is most effective in a duo with a warrior. Any effects ment to influence his mind have less effect on him, because he´s trained to focus. He can also learn comlete resistence to most poisons mind-influencing spells. The monk is the most consistent part of any team, reliable and effective
  7. To eleborate on my "Loot"-package idea: - A lot of people might want good merchandise, but they might want diffrent objects varying from person to person. That´s why they should make what I get completely optional. - The merchandise can not afford to be anything less than awesome (because I know I wouldn´t pay for it otherwise) and it has to be fair priced enough to be affordable but not cheat the people who have donated more. For example I probably only wouldn´t buy a T-shirt just saying "Project Eternity", but maybe with a great artwork on it? Also I´d be annoyed if I donated 500 dollars and someone gets some of the same exlusives as me for a 100 dollars. - You need to lower your shipping prices, maybe by taking Monte Carlos advice^^ - You´ll not get that many more donors (maybe a few thousand) and that´s why you have to offer something great to your existing donors if you want to reach many more stretch goals
  8. Probably and that´s not even including shipping. I would probably never order a single item that way. Always in a package with more stuff.
  9. I´ve looked at your "Addons" on your Kickstarter page and I think I can make some suggestions to expand those: - Project Eternity T-Shirt for 15 - 20 $ - Prject Eternity Hoodie for 20 - 25 $ - Free Game-Addons and DLC for 20 - 50 $ (depending on how much there will be) - A configurable "Loot"-Pack with any kind of Merchandise I might want (Clothing, Artbook, Cloth-Map, Posters, Soundtrack CD etc. all individually addable for a price) I´m especially proud of this idea ^^
  10. Since you´ll probably only get a couple of thousand backers more, not tens of thousands, it´d be smart to offer more "Add-Ons" to people who already donated. These should range from a worth of $ 5 to a worth of $ 20 (or even more). Additionally your stretch goals should expand the game across the board. You should define those enough to give people an idea of what is expecting them. For example, instead of "new region" come up ahead of time with how it´s gonna look like, I for one, want to reach the 2.5 million mark for the awesome sounding "Cipher" class. If you intrigue people, they´ll want to reach the Stretch-Goals. My ideas for future stretch goals would include an Animal-focused fighter class (maybe with tranformation or summoning and a poisoner/assassin type throwing flasks and powder at enemys.
  11. I just backed Project Eternity with 35 Dollars and hope this helps make it the game it can be! For me personally, I´m most ineterested in the societys of these fantasy worlds (i.e. culture, religion, organization, power). So if you could make an update about that, that´d be cool. Also I´m hoping that the quest solving variety will turn out the way it can, with fundementally diffrent ways to do it. Having a host of diffrent approaches to any situation is what I miss most in modern RPGs. So kudos to you for trying to expand it. Allright, enough for now. One last thing though: I can´t wait what you come up with for future stretch goals!
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