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  1. Yo, I'm back! Spread the word 😆

    I was away for a long time for personal reasons. I haven't even played Deadfire yet!
    I am sorry to read it didn't sell well.

    Good to see old familiar faces here, your blue Orlan face among them 😉
    I hope our Black Isle Bastards were well received!

    1. Boeroer


      Hi Fluffle! Wait: you did all the work with the BIBs and then you didn't even play Deadfire? What a shame! Do it! :)

      Our BIB weapon was well received at least. The BIBs themselves play a rather small role and our efforts can easily be missed if you don't know what to look for. But that's ok. Funny that the more expensive part of our forum collaboration gets rather unnoticed while the cheaper one (the weapon) is quite popular. It is a very good weapon so no surprise I guess. 

      By the way I think I now know who the secret donor was. ;)

  2. I am back!

    After taking a long break for personal reasons I've had my account reactivated!

  3. Never say no to Panda!

  4. "Loyal Servant of His Most Fluffyness, Lord Kerfluffleupogus, Devourer of the Faithful!"

    1. Fluffle


      "Kerfluffleupogus" is pronounced [kəɹˌflʌfəˈlʌpəgəs]

  5. *cuddle* Omg, omg I did it! *runs away quickly and hides*

    1. Kymriana


      Hahahahaha, after the snarling rant I just posted, I needed this. /glomps the fluffy pink confection

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