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  1. So what's the threshold a minority has to reach before they become relevant to you? .1% of the population? 1%? 51%? Are we seriously talking about Route1? They're, like, .000000014% of the population.
  2. I'm no rocket scientist, but clearly if they just point the nose of the ship towards Mars and hit the gas, they will eventually get there, right? Nope. What are you talking about? Clearly they just need to ensure better science.
  3. Yeah, let me stop you there, buddy. We've heard it before. "Oh, so you're against intolerance, are you? Then how come you don't tolerate intolerance? Huh? Huh?" It's disingenuous sophistry, and here's why: It's my opinion that calling people on their transphobic, bigoted bull**** is perfectly ok. So you're expressing intolerance of my intolerance of ther intolerance, thus violating your own incoherent rules.
  4. Yes it is. If you really believe that censorship can only be enforced by the Government you really should wake up from your utopia world you live in. WTF kinda nonsense is this? None of this would be considered if Twitter cry babies hadn't started a campaign for self censorship. This is what their goal is. Take out the stuff we don't like. That's their goal. How in the hell is that not censorship? This certainly is a censorship issue. It may not be, say, a first amendment violation, and nothing illegal is going on, but it's still a discussion of censorship.
  5. This is fair enough, and perhaps salient to the issue, but I don't think the same limerick modified to include an Asian female killing herself because she was shamed by sleeping with a 'white' male should be restricted. It would be in poor taste, but worthy of this? How about a Catholic for sleeping with a Muslim? I haven't even seen the limerick, but I would have to say that your point, though well taken, doesn't really change my mind. I would like to think, as someone who doesn't grave offense at such things, that I would likewise not be offended at 'white men have small reproductive organs'
  6. ITT: people complaining about censorship, despite not knowing what censorship is. This isn't a free speech issue, people. Stop trying to make it into one.
  7. None of the existing Specialization groups seem to cover unarmed combat.
  8. Not so sure about that one. Yeah, it's annoying when it triggers every couple of seconds, but consider what happens when you're fighting, say, an enemy spellcaster with multiple defensive buffs. If my party's attacks suddenly stop working, I want to know every time, not just once.
  9. From my Combat Log: Seems pretty effective to me. Every attack my BB Fighter and BB Rogue make against the beetles triggers the auto-pause. They're the only party members doing slashing damage, and the beetles have higher DT against slashing damage than against other types, so it would appear that the condition for triggering this auto-pause is simply too sensitive. I would expect it to trigger only when my attacks are failing to do substantial damage, not simply when they're slightly less effective than normal.
  10. I've made some changes to the default selection on the (impressively extensive) auto-pause options menu. Whenever I start the game client and open the options menu, the auto-pause options show up as the default settings again. Closing the options menu without saving and then immediately reopening it restores my saved auto-pause settings. All other changes seem to be retained correctly.
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