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  1. Some of my favorites in no particular order, and why: * Final Fantasy IV - Had the most expansive storytelling in its day; paved the way for modern RPGs * Chrono Trigger - Time travel was a novel game mechanic that gave a whole new twist on the game * Terranigma - Very unusual plot, setting, and some great plot twists * Arcanum - Pretty much the only steampunk RPG ever, and a great game which subverts fantasy tropes hard * Mass Effect series - Good setting and characters * Live-A-Live - Game told over seven unique settings from caveman era to far future, and the 'evil' ending is one o
  2. I am a firm believer that every great game needs to have a 'hill to stand on' - something that separates them from the vast sea of other games. Novel settings aren't the only possible hill to stand on, but they are *a* hill to stand on. Western medieval fantasy RPGs make up 95% of the genre, so a setting change makes an easy hill to stand on. An interesting and engaging story isn't usually enough for a great RPG. Since story is at the heart of the RPG, an interesting and engaging story is necessary for a great game, but it's rarely sufficient. Story is a difficult hill to stand on
  3. If the existence of homosexuals is evidence of an LGBT agenda, then reality must be one hell of a strong supporter of the LGBT cause.
  4. I would disagree with #1 - I think it's easier to take a game made for MP and make it work well SP than to take a game made for SP and make it work well MP. (As long as you aren't talking about MMOs, most of which have fundamentally poor gameplay that would make a transition to SP impossible). If the core gameplay is fun, the social aspect would be icing on the cake, not the only reason to play. And yes, I know it's going to be a single player game. My comment was more of a lament on the fact that nobody makes good co-op RPGs. I do - I generally have two or three games going at
  5. I am not sure if it really is that much different in terms of effort - if the game was designed around the idea of multiplayer from the get-go. Too many games build a solid single-player game and then tack on some awkward multiplayer afterwards (e.g. Mass Effect 3). In these cases, sure, it adds time because it's something else appended on to an already complete game. A true cooperative campaign, though, designed from the ground up, probably doesn't add that much, assuming the engine already has multiplayer support and can take care of the networking/syching aspects for you. And while t
  6. /thread Yeah, I know it won't happen. Really, it comes down to the devs' vision, not anything else - I do like that they have a clear focus and a clear vision and won't sway from that, because projects without that level of vision are simply doomed. I just find it disappointing, because I think this group has the talent to make a great multiplayer RPG if that was their goal. There are just so many great single-player RPGs and so few (if any) great multi-player RPGs that it's a bit disappointing when time after time the great teams of the industry won't take the road less traveled.
  7. I don't know if you've ever read the Thomas Covenant novels, but it's pretty common that each consecutive series reveals that his decisions in the previous series, while preventing the immediate problem, served in the long term to enable an even worse problem than the one he was trying to prevent the last time.
  8. Things that annoy me about RPGs: Lots of loot, limited inventory. I want to play a roleplaying game, not an inventory management game. Terrible companion AI. Yes, I know they will never be human-like in intellect, but c'mon, a brain damaged chimpanzee won't run straight into a gigantic rain of fire pummeling the baddies. My party members shouldn't, either. "The one" syndrome - where every bit of prophecy, lore, or other flavor text that exists anywhere in the game universe all directly applies to you and only you. The entire world exists just for the benefit of this one moment. Relat
  9. Played them, enjoyed them, reverse engineered their file formats and helped mod them
  10. While that's true, I don't think it's because it can't be done, only because it hasn't been done. Part of that, I think, is that it's simply too easy to fall into conventional molds, and the genre of video game RPGs fully matured before widespread internet access was the norm. Newer titles are inspired by what have gone before, and few even attempt to try the road less traveled. Those that do often tack multiplayer on as an afterthought to a game that was not really designed for it, and thus do it poorly. It's a pity, because the original genre that inspired video game RPGs, tabletop RP
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