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  1. I agree. I think the problem of many fantasy games is that while humans were allowed to have cultural diversity (yet not reflected in stats/abilities), the other races were set forth as monocultures. >.< So I'm hoping that the non-human races get the cultural diversity of humans and the humans get some stat/ability variations. And as someone who graduated with a minor in linguistics, I heartily agree with your desire for linguistic variation within races. Depending on how related the communities of speakers are it could be shown as different dialects of the same language or as dif
  2. First off, it must be said that I try to play an anthropomorphic fox whenever a game allows it (or something close enough that I can pretend). I discovered servers for NWN that used mods which allowed you to be an anthropomorphic fox (among many other options), but the leveling rules were too wonky. >.> When my roommates convinced me to play WoW with them following cataclysm, I rolled a red-furred Worgen and pretended it was a fox. In D&D I've played shifters, werefoxes, and worked on creating a fox race that was balanced with respect to core races. In Shadowrun I played a fox sh
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