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  1. Im a big fan of a large experience table a-la AD&D. I haven't played any D&D in about 10 or more years, sadly, but I do remember its biggest appeal being I could do, literally, what I wanted with my character and not have him/her locked into any one role and I could look down 5-10-20 levels ahead to see what route I wanted to take as opposed to be locked into it. I could strengthen certain things and keep certain things as they were. Although I almost always leaned towards an intellectual dual-wielding Rogue/Fighter type character just because I love stealth-type classes.
  2. Hi Cthulhu0316, please choose a title. How would you like to be called? Hmm..what to pick, how about.... Captain Barbosa of The Obsidian Order ? If that is too much ill just take: The Barbosa of The Obsidian Order.
  3. <----- New Guy here..Hello. Excited about the whole dealio. I just upped my pledge from $100 to $118, adding the new tier and the $8. My kickstarter name is: Nicholas Barbosa...and hey! happens to be my name also.
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